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Otis Q. Sellers Pamphlets

Mr. Otis Q. Sellers, back when he first separated from the church and began his own, independent ministry, first began publishing material as pamphlets. His first published work, Do We Wrongly Divide the Word of Truth, 1935, answered the arguments of Mr. H.A. Ironside against the Acts 28:28 dispensational dividing line, a position that Mr. Sellers had boldly assumed. Following this pamphet, Mr. Sellers soon began publication of a monthly magazine, The Word of Truth; but he continued publishing a series of phamphlets, some of which remain his finest work.

When The Word of Truth Ministry gave up our headquarters back in 2014, we were forced to give up our supply of these pamphlets, which befoe then had been available to anyone upon request. While these works remain available online, they were no longer available in written form. That is, until now.

Utilizing the Kindle Publishing software from Amazon, we have now started to reissue these pamphlets in print-on demand form. With a new cover but retaining much of the original formatting (and restoring some formatting lost in the online versions), these pamphlets present Mr. Sellers’ written work in a softcover form, available now for purchase and to pass out to those who might be interested.

The titles currently available include:

This I Believe – That Jesus is The Christ
The Powers That Be – An Exposition of Romans Thirteen Verss One to Six
Sorting Prophetic Material
Christian Individualism: A Way of Life for the Active Believer in Jesus Christ
God’s Present Purpose: What Is It? What Is He Doing?
God Has Spoken: Five Radio Messages
The Concluding Days
The Good Olive Tree
The Study of Human Destiny: A Testimony and An Appeal

Besides these pamphlets, Acts 28:28 A Dispensational Boundary Line and The Dispensation of the Grace of God are both in the works. Others of Mr. Sellers’ pamphlets and other works will follow. Search for Otis Q. Sellers on Amazon to view a complete list of titles.