Welcome to seedandbread.org the website of The Word of Truth Ministry

It is our prayer that this will be one of the most important web stops you will ever make. Here you will find not only words of encouragement, but also sources of assistance in your search for the things of God.

Otis Q. Sellers, who founded the Word of Truth Ministry in the 1930’s, was a remarkable student of scripture. He believed that in times past God spoke, electing to reveal himself and His eternal purpose for the ages in a collection of books that we call the Bible. We are told in Deuteronomy 29:29, “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but those things that are revealed belong unto us and our children for ever. . .” This site is designed to assist those who are seeking those revealed things of God. You are going to learn that God has been very generous in revealing Himself and His eternal purpose.

Those of us who are involved in presenting information by way of this web site do not portray ourselves as possessing the “last word” on Biblical truth. That would be folly. Our founder, however, left a legacy of exhaustive biblical research and we who are carrying on the legacy have a single goal–the search for truth, wherever it might lead. Therefore, the purpose of this site is to provide believers and seekers at all levels with a forum for the objective study of that which God has revealed in His word.

Visitors are welcome to freely review the product of Mr. Sellers’ Biblical research and the product of the research of those of us who continue his legacy. We hope our visitors will then go directly to God’s word and search to see if these things are true. We welcome questions and feedback. We do NOT seek “followers”; we DO seek those who desire to be “students of the Word of God.” The biggest prerequisites? An open mind, and your Bible(s). More than one version will help.

Please learn this here: The Bible was originally written in different languages (Old Testament, Hebrew/some Aramaic; New Testament, Greek). To assume that the translators into English (ie, King James) had the ultimate in truth is an improper assumption, as you will soon learn.


Under our web site section called Seed and Bread are 199 topical studies, together with a GLOSSARY. Each can be read on line or printed at no cost.

To get started, you might want to consider going to the Seed and Bread section and reading study #SB076 What Is Man, #SB077 What Is The Soul, and #SB081 The Interpretation of Matthew 10:28. These studies address who we are and open the subject of why we are here. And, while you’re doing that, read and re-read The Gospel of John, until you’re pretty familiar with it.

As you browse and read these studies make note of any questions you have and pass those questions along to us. We will be happy to assist you with those questions and direct you to other resources.

Thank you for stopping by.

The Word of Truth Ministry.